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The ADDRESS at Wack Wack is located at Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City.

Wack Wack is located within the city of Mandaluyong. Mandaluyong, known as the Tiger City for the ferocious pace at which it has been developed, is located within the vast metropolis of the Philippine’s capital, Metro Manila. 

Wack Wack

It is well known to visitors that it will be golf that they will be playing at some stage or another during their stay in Wack Wack. But have they ever wondered just how this suburb got its name? It is taken from the sound that crows, no longer part of the local landscape, used to make. Apart from being famous for golf and green gardens, as well as sprawling villas, Wack Wack has its share of retail and entertainment centers. It is also a prime location for condominiums of which The Address is but one.

Golfing amenities

No article on a prestigious residential development in Wack Wack can be completed without mentioning the suburb’s golfing terrain. The East Course has played host to world cup golfing events while most residents and visitors will be making their way to the shorter, all weather West Course. But it is not just golf that is being played here. Visitors have the luxury of a dining area, spa, swimming pool and retail facilities to soothe their adrenalin soaked nerves in.


Mandaluyong has Makati, Pasig and Quezon City for company. It was once the capital of the Rizal province. Today, after serving as a municipality for some years, Mandaluyong is a fully fledged city with more than its fair share of education and health centers, to go along with its business and retail nodes.


It was originally developed as a financial and central business area and remains so today. It is also the venue of a number of shopping centers, bars and restaurants. Within Ortigas is the Medical City. One of this health city’s hospitals was formally singled out by the Joint Commission of International Accreditation.

Metro Manila

As the nation’s capital, Manila has everything to do with culture and education, apart from operating as a major center for commerce and legislative administration. It is also famously home to the world of art, fashion and media. Historically, the Province of Manila was one of the country’s first provinces to show active dissent against Spanish colonialism.

Transport infrastructure

Whether traveling directly from The Address or throughout any one of the above mentioned cities, residents have the pick of transport through road, rail and water. The Address holds more than enough space for parking, but public transport is developing at a rapid pace in order to alleviate the problems associated with bottlenecks in major global urban city networks of which Metro Manila is one.

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