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At the apex of these luxury apartments are privileges that come with living at THE ADDRESS AT WACK WACK. While your location puts you close to everything, we have brought more comforts within your grasp.

Take a plunge at the infinity pool amidst spectacular views, engage in an afternoon of games with your children or indulge in an invigorating workout.


The Manhattan Project

Apart from the obvious opulence, luxury and convenience, the Manhattan inspiration is derived from a desire to emulate celebrity-styled lifestyles which equates to meeting high standards of aspiration and esthetics. In order to give birth to such a project, it was necessary for Bayot to assemble a masterful team of international and local architects, designers and building and construction and interior design artisans.

A Grand Entrance

Upon arrival at The Address, residents and their guests are instantaneously warmed up to luxury lifestyle living with a condo flavor. The acquisition and utilization of only imported materials was used to create a remarkably high ceiling within the lobby. The lobby’s walls are Capiz inspired. In lieu of high ceilings, a mysterious clue is given as to how individual condo units are uniquely structured.

There is an eclectic juxtapositioning of loft living and studio atmosphere, also both longstanding architectural features of the New York landscape, with the condo idea by way of constructing higher than average ceilings per unit. Upon entry to his or her purchased (or leased) condo, the resident is enriched with a panoramic view of the Wack Wack countryside.

More space that you can use

The lush, green landscape, filling up space of just over a million square meters, is of course dominated by the sprawling golfing estates. The filling of precious space with condos also responds to another modern day bugbear of urban city developments. Space is always at a premium and often comes at a high price.

Condo constructions were functional in the sense that it allows residents the ability to utilize their own space at will. Apart from innovative and sustainable fixtures and fittings, natural light and air to breathe is given prominence through the creation of uniquely high ceilings.

An international acquisition

From the lobby to the condo, architectural features and encompassing fixtures and fittings, where required, are given a distinctly international flavor.

No dizzy heights – Ceilings here are termed ‘double heighted’.

Another surprising welcome – There is one feature of the high-ceilinged lobby that is not structural. It comes in human form. You would usually only witness this in movies where cinematography is centered in and around Manhattan, but imagine being greeted every evening and every morning by a smartly attired doorman who, by nature, always tips his tall hat to you.

Smart imports – Volakas marble flooring was acquired directly from Greece. Lobby walls are decorated with Travertine tiles from Turkey. The lobby’s counter and column were sourced from Onyx.

Concrete applications – Concrete and concrete glass materials have been intricately applied. Additionally, aluminum has been utilized and granite slabs have been installed throughout. Not only contributing formidably to aesthetics, these concrete applications provide the complex with its form and function. Within the units itself, there is added flexibility and always spacious room to maneuver.  
Art for art’s sake – The Manhattan inspiration and theme has already been emphasized. Additionally, sub-themes that drip with modernism are created through the use of patterning and a variety of shapes on the lobby walls.

Security control

Whether the concern was subconscious or material is beside the point. The fact remains that security has been installed immeasurably and significantly counters the problems of crime on the outskirts of densely populated urban city developments. Condo owners’ security has been highly prioritized. And in spite of all the security features within the complex, manned security patrols are diligent and competent in the carrying out of their duties.

The control room – It is here that all residents and their prized possessions are closely monitored. It is from this room that all security and fire alarms and related security apparatus located on each floor of the complex are controlled day and night.

Access control – Residents are provided with card access to use the building’s lifts (or elevators). There are three elevators, and these operate at high speeds.

One hundred cameras – No less than one hundred and ten CCTV cameras have been installed across all floors.

Fire control too – It goes without saying that optimized security is not just about safeguarding residents and their property from unwelcome intrusions. Whether deliberate or accidental, fires can break out too. And to this end an automatic fire alarm is accompanied by the requisite sprinkler system. Residents also have the use of their own fire and alarm detection systems. In the event of a fire, they go through pressurized fire exit stairs to reach safety.

  • Infinity pool
  • Pool bar
  • Kiddie pool
  • Gaming and entertainment room
  • Fitness room
  • Function halls
  • Multi-purpose deck
  • Mini-garden on 6th floor
  • Upscale commercial spaces on ground and

second floor

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